Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Memorial: Friday December 28, San Jose CA

A memorial is being arranged for this FRIDAY (December 28th, 2007) late-afternoon/evening so his parents and friends have an opportunity to gather and share remembrances of Kyle's life and his impact, prior to transporting his ashes back to Texas.

The memorial will be held at The Redwoods club house at North Park Apartments (on Alicante at Zanker Rd, San Jose, CA 95134). We expect to open for guests informally at four (4) PM, with the formal toasts and eulogies to begin at seven (7) PM.

We will make equipment available for those who wish to record their thoughts (written or videotaped) as well as videotape the formal memorial toasts and speeches.

In addition we will be collating this material for a video-memorial (text, photo, video, and spoken-word) for those who are unable to be present.


smashwolf said...

I wish I knew earlier... I mean , I did, but I knew him by a different alias. I just found out today.

weezie said...

Goodbye Kyle. Here's how I will fondly remember you:

You always wore black although I swear I saw you wear a white shirt one time and maybe a sweater.

You worked at Namco right after me during the dark years. We may have even passed each other in the hall.

You had a fantastic book collection.

You knew not to say Yog Soggoth out loud.

I was looking forward to working with you on the next Tomb Raider and I'm sad I won't get the opportunity now. Peace.

Thorpe said...

Found an article by him on GameSpot you may want to add:

gwang007 said...

I am so sorry to hear about this news. Thanks Kyle, thanks for the pleasures you bring to us.

chelsey said...

how he died ?

Tipu said...

I will remember your Latin books, your email autosignatures from the German classics & your black clothes. We worked together for a couple of years at Crystal Dynamics. Farewell.

Anonymous said...

Kyle , We Love You , 4ever ! See You in Heaven !

Kysh said...

I loved him beyond worlds, because his greatness was beyond words. Without him, I am incomplete.

His grace, his love and the depth of his eyes I will miss achingly for the rest of my life.

He had so much to give, and much of it he gave to all around him, in his subtle way; Please never let his memory fade from your hearts, however much or little you may retain.

He was my hero, my jackal, my love; I was his fox, and will always so be.

Never forget him, whether you remember him through his work, his personality, his friendship, or his love.


James Guirao said...

Does anybody know what cemetery Kyle is buried?

James G said...

Does anybody know where Kyle is buried? If you know email me at

I used to work with Kyle at namco and never got to go to the funeral.